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About FCIMeters.com

Fluid Components International LLC
1755 La Costa Meadows Drive
San Marcos, California 92078
+1 760 744-6950 +1 800 854-1993
+1 760-736-6250 (fax)

Fluid Components International uses patented thermal dispersion flow measurement technologies for solutions to industrial process and plant flow and level applications. Its Industrial Division provides flow, liquid level, interface and temperature sensors, including thermal mass flowmeters, flow switches, and level switches. 

History and Organization

FCI was founded by Malcolm McQueen and Bob Deane in Canoga Park, California as a manufacturer of thermal flow switches used to detect flow movement in oil well pipes. In 1980, company facilities were moved to their present location in San Marcos. The company’s first commercially available flowmeter was produced in 1981, when FCI added more sophisticated electronics to its flow switches. This new thermal flow product was first used in gas flow applications. A sales and service center was opened in the Netherlands in 1993.

In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, the company also operates its own flow and level calibration facility. This facility provides scheduled traceability verification to NIST standards and is ISO 9000 certified.

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